My FMP began when I was researching British rebellion in fashion during the 80’s after a long period of rioting and rebellion in Britain. I came across Buffalo the creative group including Ray Petri, Jamie Morgan and other members from a diverse range of backgrounds. They brought inspiration from a collection of different sub cultures including punk graphics, the African and Jamaican culture, Indian Americans and more. Buffalo is described as tough, rebellious, innovative, stylish, street, unique, experimental, and iconic. The rude boys and rebellious movement of Buffalo transformed the way that society absorbed fashion showing new masculine identities. I wanted to capture the essence of British youth culture, gather research from other sub cultures and the identity of Buffalo. I wanted to encapsulate youthful individualism in my final collection.


W W W. K A T I E B E L L A . C O . U K       /        K A T I E B E L L A H O L M E S @ Y A H O O . C O M 

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